Winter Storm Freyr

Storm Summary

Another strong storm is bringing additional snow to the eastern third of the United States. Several inches of snow will fall on the Ohio Valley and Northeast through Saturday, adding to the wet end of the year.

Snow Accumulation

Total Accumulated Snowfall for Freyr.


Radar Loop for Freyr. (About Radar)

Snowfall Forecast

Forecast Snowfall for Freyr.


Satellite Loop for Freyr. (About Satellite)

Storm Coverage

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Snowfall Webcams

Snow Totals
Significant snowfall totals from 12/29/2012 to 12/30/2012. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Amount Location
9.0 in. Garrett, MD
8.0 in. Peckville, PA
7.0 in. Bainbridge, NY
7.0 in. Manchester, CT
6.3 in. Beaver, PA
6.0 in. Warrensburg, NY
5.5 in. Penn Hills, PA
5.5 in. Bethel, VT
5.5 in. Thomas, PA
5.5 in. Binghamton, NY
5.3 in. Altoona, PA
5.0 in. Franklin, OH
5.0 in. Rutland, VT
5.0 in. Hampton, CT
4.5 in. Wantage, NJ
4.5 in. Foster, RI
4.5 in. Coldwater, OH
4.3 in. Warwick, RI
4.2 in. Slatington, PA
4.1 in. Salisbury, VT
4.0 in. Quakertown, PA
4.0 in. Piedmont, WV
4.0 in. Millbury, MA
4.0 in. Basking Ridge, NJ
4.0 in. North Kingston, RI
4.0 in. Eckhart Mines, MD
3.6 in. Stewartsville, NJ
3.5 in. Albany, NY
3.3 in. Martinsburg, WV
3.0 in. Emittsburg, MD
3.0 in. Logan, OH
3.0 in. Agawam, MA
2.7 in. Butler, NJ
2.6 in. Somerville, NJ
2.5 in. Alford, MA
2.5 in. Morgantown, PA
2.3 in. South Kingstown, RI
1.6 in. Newark, DE
1.6 in. Hockessin, DE
More Data
Wind Gusts
Highest Recorded Wind Gusts from 12/29/2012 to 12/30/2012. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Gust Location
64 mph Montgomery, NY
29 mph Beckley, WV
29 mph Hot Springs, VA
26 mph Wise, VA
25 mph Islip, NY
25 mph Elkins, WV
24 mph New Haven, CT
22 mph Huntington, WV
20 mph Penn Yan, NY
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